Washburn Girls Soccer

The varsity team is coached by Cheryl Peterson and Ruben Ndely

JV Orange

Washburn Girls Soccer

The JV Orange squad is coached by Patrick Strauss.

JV Blue

Washburn Girls Soccer

The JV Blue team is coached by Courtney Weber.


Washburn Girls Soccer

The freshmen squad is coached by Jeff Rajacich.

2018 Schedule

Schedules and results for all Washburn girls soccer teams

08/23/2018Varsity6:00 PMEdina Washburn Stadium -
08/23/2018JV Orange4:00 PMEdinaWashburn Stadium -
08/23/2018JV Blue4:15 PMSouthPearl Park -
08/23/2018Freshmen4:15 PMEdinaPearl Park -
08/28/2018Varsity7:00 PMWayzata Washburn Stadium -
08/28/2018JV Orange5:00 PMWayzata Washburn Stadium -
08/28/2018Freshmen4:15 PMWayzataPearl Park -
08/29/2018Freshmen4:00 PMEast RidgeEast Ridge -
08/30/2018Varsity5:00 PMEast RidgeWashburn Stadium -
08/30/2018JV Orange4:00 PMEast RidgeEast Ridge -
08/30/2018JV Blue4:00 PMEast RidgeEast Ridge -
09/04/2018Varsity7:00 PMLakeville North Lakeville North -
09/04/2018JV Orange5:00 PMLakeville NorthLakeville North -
09/05/2018JV Blue4:15 PMLakeville NorthLakeville North -
09/05/2018Freshmen4:15 PMLakeville NorthLakeville North -
09/06/2018Varsity5:00 PMSouthwest Washburn Stadium -
09/06/2018JV Orange4:00 PMSouthwestTBD -
09/07/2018JV Blue4:00 PMSouthwestPearl Park -
09/07/2018Freshmen4:00 PMSouthwest Pearl Park -
09/12/2018JV Orange5:00 PMMaple GroveMaple Grove -
09/12/2018JV Blue4:30 PMMaple GroveMaple Grove -
09/13/2018Varsity5:00 PMSouth Washburn Stadium -
09/13/2018Freshmen4:15 PMSouth Pearl Park -
09/17/2018JV OrangeCretin-Derham HallCretin-Derham -
09/17/2018JV BlueCretin-Derham HallCretin-Derham -
09/18/2018Varsity5:00 PMMaple GroveMaple Grove -
09/18/2018Freshmen4:30 PMMaple GroveMaple Grove -
09/20/2018JV Blue4:15 PMDeLaSallePearl Park -
09/21/2018Freshmen5:30 PMSouthwest Washburn Stadium -
09/22/2018Varsity2:00 PMHopkins Washburn Stadium -
09/22/2018JV Orange12:00 PMHopkinsWashburn Stadium -
09/22/2018JV Blue10:00 AMHopkinsWashburn Stadium -
09/24/2018Varsity7:30 PMEden PrairieWashburn Stadium -
09/24/2018JV Orange5:30 PMEden PrairieWashburn Stadium -
09/24/2018JV Blue5:00 PMEden PrairieEden Prairie -
09/24/2018Freshmen5:00 PMEden PraireEden Prairie -
09/25/2018Varsity5:00 PMEdison Washburn Stadium -
09/26/2018JV Orange4:00 PMBurnsville Burnsville -
09/26/2018JV Blue4:00 PMBurnsville Metcalf Junior High -
09/26/2018Freshmen4:00 PMBurnville Burnsville H.S. -
09/27/2018Varsity5:00 PMHenryHenry -
09/29/2018Varsity1:00 PMHoly Angels Holy Angels -
09/29/2018JV Orange11:00 AMHoly AngelsHoly Angels -
09/29/2018Freshmen9:30 AMHoly AngelsHoly Angels -
10/01/2018JV Orange4:15 PMDeLaSalleFt. Snelling/Neiman -
10/01/2018Freshmen4:15 PMDeLaSalleFt. Snelling/Nieman -
10/02/2018Varsity5:00 PMRoosevelt Roosevelt -
10/03/2018JV Blue4:15 PMEdison TBD -
10/03/2018Freshmen4:30 PMSt. Louis ParkLouisiana Oaks Park -
10/04/2018Varsity5:00 PMSouthwest Southwest -
10/04/2018JV Orange4:00 PMSouthwestTBD -
10/05/2018JV Blue4:00 PMSouthwestTBD -
10/05/2018Freshmen4:00 PMSouthwest TBD -
10/06/2018Varsity1:00 PMSt. Louis ParkSt. Louis Park -
10/06/2018JV Orange11:00 AMSt. Louis ParkSt. Louis Park -