We are looking for a few parent volunteers for some key leadership positions in the Girls Soccer program. Please reach out if you are interested in taking on any of these positions, or better yet, find someone else to volunteer with you and take a position together. We love teamwork!
You can fill out the FORM here for any position below.

Ticket-Taker Coordinator  – Lead Coordinator needed!
  • Compile list of game dates ticket takes are needed (only 7 home games this year), share this list with volunteer coordinator for kick-off picnic
  • Distribute reminders to volunteers for their scheduled ticket taking
  • Coordinate need for ticket takers with Washburn Athletics Office, ie length of time and game, games that piggy-back with boys games and home section games
  • Inform volunteers of money box responsibilities and requirements for working the gate
Communicator  – Shadow needed to follow Lori Malvey and take over the position next year!
  • Compile player list with contact information
  • Send out email information, Teamsnap updates and reminders from Head Coaches and Boosters to parents and players throughout the year.
  • In direct contact with coaches and organizes booster meetings
  • Partner with Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator to chair Booster Club meetings
Volunteer Coordinator – Co Lead needed! (I need help, especially during Varsity events)
  • Prepare volunteer sign-up sheets for volunteers for kick-off potluck
  • Provide information and responsibilities to event coordinators & team managers
  • Work with boosters to solicit volunteers
  • Get list of volunteers to event coordinators and team managers
  • Partner with Treasurer and Communicator to chair Booster Club meetings
Fuller Soccer /Pearl Park/ Lynnhurst Jamboree Coordinator  – Co-Lead needed
  • Connect with Varsity coach about Fuller Spring and Fall Jamboree dates. Varsity coach should be emailing with Fuller Soccer Representative and can have you on that email for info
  • Coordinate volunteer to be at the Spring Jamborees to hand out WHS Camp flyers
  • Meet/communicate with Fuller Soccer Club Representatives before Washburn Soccer Saturday about halftime mini games for the teams to play in the morning during Soccer Saturday
  • Coordinate and recruit some players to be at Soccer Saturday (am)- help set up the mini games/ set up & take down Puggs and “announce/cheer” during games
  • Arrange for refreshments for WHS soccer players at Jamborees (connect with coach about bagels for Fuller Jamboree or the other Jamborees depending on timing)
Senior Recognition Night – (Junior Parents) –  Co-Lead needed
  • Send the Seniors & their Parents “The Senior Profile”. The answers are used in the introductions of the seniors at halftime and in the special program with their pictures
  • Coordinate time with underclassmen to create senior posters. This can be done after a practice or at a pasta party.
  • The seniors are introduced (between the boys and girls varsity games) with their parents and given a flower. It is also a great time to recognize Senior parents and the family’s participation in the Washburn Soccer Program.
  • It is always nice to have a strong MC for the halftime recognition.  Ideas on really dynamic, strong speakers with announcer-like voices?
  • LIGHT Refreshments are served afterward, ie pretzels, bars, beverage, cake or cupcakes etc.
  • Decorations…ie a few balloons, cups, plates and napkins. Senior posters made by underclassmen, are also displayed
Sylvester Cup  – ( Home game vs. Southwest)-  Co-Lead needed
  • Facilitate program between boys and girls games remembering  John Sylvester and  Hallie Brown (SW player who loved the game of soccer, died of Osteosarcoma Cancer in her sophomore year, was coached by John and played soccer with many of the original girls on both SW and Washburn when the Sylvester cup was first played (2013)
  • Help get the word out about the event
  • Organize Ice Bucket Challenge if there is one
  • Communicate details of the event with John’s Family and Hallie’s family. There may be a boys soccer parent involved who can also be connected with to do some of this. Coach Cheryl knows John’s family and is always happy to connect with them. Jaine King can connect with the Brown family.
Feel free to reach out with any questions!
Thank you!
Jaine King

[email protected] (prefered)

Volunteer Coordinator – Washburn Girls Soccer