Fifth Annual Sylvester Cup • Washburn Stadium • October 5, 2017 • Matches Start at 5:00pm • Program at 6:30pm

John Sylvester and the Annual Sylvester Cup

Honoring one of Minnesota's best

Minnesota’s own John “Sly” Sylvester was known to many as a fantastic soccer player, a coach, and a person everyone seemed to know.

He graduated from Washburn High School in 1990, where he was also a star soccer player. In the late 1990s, Sly played for the Minnesota Thunder, at a time when the team dominated the USL leagues and won a national championship.

John Sylvester with Cheryl Urbaniek PetersonAfter his playing career, John coached Washburn girls varsity soccer, was the coaching director at Minneapolis United, and coached at various Minnesota soccer clubs.

John passed away on June 16, 2017, after a long battle with ALS. He leaves his wife, Tessie, and their two sons, Gus and Freddy. Come out on October 5, 2017, for the fifth annual Sylvester Cup matches between Washburn and Southwest. Support Miller and Laker soccer, honor John Sylvester’s legacy, and donate to support John Sylvester’s family and witness all that John contributed to Minnesota soccer.

Sylvester Cup Winners

  • 2013 Girls: Washburn (4-1)
  • 2013 Boys: Southwest (3-1)
  • 2014 Girls: Washburn (2-0)
  • 2014 Boys: Washburn (1-0)
  • 2015 Girls: Washburn (5-0)
  • 2015 Boys: Southwest (1-0)
  • 2016 Girls: Washburn (5-0)
  • 2016 Boys: Washburn (4-1)

Donate Today

In 2017, a portion of ticket sales from the Sylvester Cup matches as well as all GoFundMe donations online and at the games are given directly to the Sylvester Joy and Sunshine Fund to help cover Tessie Sylvester’s health and other health-related expenses. Please consider donating today.

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John “Sly” Sylvester represents commitment, dedication and hard work at all levels of youth soccer and high school competitions. A tireless ambassador for Youth Soccer, Sylvester has been a driving force for soccer in the Minneapolis Community. His efforts have been memorialized with this trophy.

Engraving on the Sylvester Cup Trophy

John’s love of the game was contagious. He was so much fun to watch. So quick, so fast. He had an energy about him that you can’t help but be a sponge to and pick up on, and that’s what he spread to people: the skills first and foremost, but also the desire to play and the love of the game and the fun of it.

Washburn Girls Varsity Coach Cheryl Urbaniak Peterson

He was the person that backed you, no matter what. Everything I’ve learned from him, on or off the field, team and family, and just overall what you should be like as a good person, I learned from him and I use what I learned in my everyday life.

Former Washburn Varsity Captain Maya Rajacich