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But what’s the story behind The Sylvester Cup? The Sylvester Cup is more than a crosstown rivalry, it’s a time when we honor the life of Washburn legend & community pillar- John “Sly” Sylvester.

John grew up in southwest Minneapolis and attended Washburn as a standout soccer player. After graduation, John played professional soccer for the Minnesota Thunder, leading them to a national championship. Following his playing career, John returned to Washburn to coach the girls’ team and then Coaching Director at Minneapolis United.

But in 2012, John’s dedication to the soccer community would be interrupted with a devastating diagnosis of ALS. The Sylvester Cup was launched in 2013 to celebrate his unwavering love of the game and deep connections within the Southwest and Washburn communities. We were touched to have John and his family as our honored guests at these games each year.

In 2017 at the age of 44– after a courageous, 5-year battle, we lost John to ALS. In memory of John and in honor of the thousands of lives he touched, the Sylvester Cup Scholarship was created. Awarded each year to two Washburn seniors who exemplify John’s core values – Inclusiveness, Ambassador, Commitment, Passion and Hard Work. In a season that we’re grateful to be playing, even if we can’t celebrate the Sylvester Cup the way we’d like…

Please help us grow the Sylvester legacy with a donation to his scholarship fund. Donate Via Venmo: @WashburnGirls-Soccer (note Sylvester Scholarship) “Soccer is Life! Live it to the fullest!” John ‘Sly’ Sylvester